Navy Seal Workouts

Navy SEAL Workouts

Why I Use Navy SEAL Workouts

Hey Lewis here,

I’ve been recently using a Navy SEAL Workout. If you want to get that real lean, toned muscle look, then I am glad you have found this blog, and I strongly suggest you keep reading to discover how I benefited from Navy SEAL Workouts and NAVY Seal exercise.

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This is the story of how I started using military workouts and and then Navy SEAL fitness training to change myself from a couch potato who had let himself go to someone who feels, fitter, stronger and develop defined muscle tone.  All by using the world renown Navy SEAL Workout methods.

Half the battle with getting fit is taking action. The idea of joining gyms or buying the latest fitness gadgets have never appealed to me.  The more I did nothing the more unfit I became, and as you get older then it seems the quicker the fat starts to stick. I wanted to feel confident when I took my shirt off on the beach, rather than skulking around in a baggy t-shirt all the time. Add in a few heavy hints from the girlfriend ……It was time to take action.

No More Gym Fees With Navy Seal Workouts

Time and money being tight, long sessions in the gym with expensive joining fees and monthly payments just seem to put me off. Filling my house with gym equipment that would just end up being used to hang clothes off – a no, no. Time drifts by, and my belly is getting flabby and I’m sure I felt man-boobs appearing!! No, I needed to get motivated.

This is what did it for me

Military fitness methods seemed to be the answer for me, if only just to get me off the couch. After a few weeks of basic military style workouts I became fitter and stronger – and more importantly, inspired to go on. It is then I discovered the power of Navy SEAL Workouts and Special Op fitness techniques. I started using TAC-FIT COMMANDO which combines a range of Special Forces fitness training. Now I was building strength, burning fat and beginning to see real defined muscle tone. I am not talking overblown body builder muscle – I’m talking that lean, defined muscle (think Brad Pitt in Fight Club).  I feel so much better about myself, and far more confident on the beach, and my clothes look a million times better on me. And the girlfriend ? Well, let’s just say she is a lot happier with my look…

Navy Seal Workouts Have Got Me REAL Results

I hope you found this post interesting, and it inspires you to take action and start fitness – and check out NAVY SEALS Workout methods.


MMA Pro Fitness XtremeMMA Fitness Workout

There is no denying that MMA fighters are FIT.  Just as with Navy Seals Workouts, it is not just about strength, it is about speed, stamina and fitness. So if you want to get super fit – then follow what the MMA fighters do.

Check out MMA pro XTreme Training System from Iron Guard Fitness

The MMA pro XTreme Training System will give you the results you desire

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“This Revolutionary System Is Designed To Burn Fat, Get You Lean and Gain Muscle
But Here’s The Best Part…No more endless hours on cardio machines…”

These short but intense workout sessions can be done in 40 minutes or less…

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We all want to get muscle gain and fat loss in a short period of time – that is why I am loving the MMA pro XTREME System.

This revolutionary new system combines basic movements with focused intensity which will crank up your metabolism and
keep your body burning fat and gaining muscle all day long.

If the thought of gaining muscle and losing fat is on your mind then this is then check out what David SMIT, CSCS, MSc., a renowned Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Gold Medal winning athlete, has to say.

I have used my knowledge attained during my time as a student and athlete in the development of the revolutionary MMA pro XTREME Training System.

This revolutionary fat loss and energy building system is designed from the world of strength and conditioning for MMA Athletes.

This system is designed to help busy men and women like you achieve their fitness goals in the least amount of time possible.

The training techniques in the MMA pro XTREME system are scientifically proven and endorsed by Men and Women, Elite Trainers, Coaches and Athletes.

These techniques have been used by thousands of men and women to strip fat, gain muscle, increase strength and improve overall health and well being.

Many of my strength and conditioning training techniques are even being used on today’s most popular television shows such as The Biggest Loser.

“Iron Guard Fitness continues to provide me with an excellent source of elite training which I am able to do while deployed at some of the F.O.B.’s in other parts of the world. These guys know what they are doing and the MMA pro XTreme Training System is an unbeilevable system.
Keep pumpin’ them out fellas, I can’t wait to do the next one.”
Adam Seegmiller, Canadian Armed Forces

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As workouts go, TACFIT Commando can be intense, but it gets great results. As would be expected from a Navy SEAL Workout approach, the exercises are varied, and based on bodyweight training.

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Scott Sonnon TacFitYou may wonder why a Navy Seal Workout is so effective. There is no question that when it comes to physical fitness they do not come much fitter than a Navy Seal. A lot of guys aspire to be as fit as Navy SEALS, and spend hours in the gym trying to emulate them. But one of the real benefits of a Navy SEAL Workout is that you do not require a gym, since it is all based on bodyweight exercises – and the results speak for themselves.

So here are the main advantages of a Navy SEAL Workout.

  1. You do not require a gym, so say good bye to expensive gym fees and monthly payments and long contracts. What makes Navy SEAL workouts so popular is that because it is based on using your own bodyweight, you can do without all that gym stuff. Most experts agree that the best fitness training uses your own body weight. In addition, there is no excuse as you can perform Navy SEAL exercises almost anywhere. So for those of us who have limited time, the exercises are easier to fit into your lifestyle.
  2. It does not matter where you are, as your “gym equipment” is with you all the time – since it is your own body. So lack of access to a gym is no longer a barrier to access. The exercises are proven at burning calories and building muscle, and increasing stamina and endurance, which is crucial for the military forces and Navy SEALS especially.
  3. Navy SEAL Workouts are all about building strength, stamina, endurance and flexibility. The added benefit of this is of course a superb body, that is lean and toned. If you want a great looking body, that is toned all over then a Navy SEAL workout is ideal.

Navy SEAL Workouts work. Many personal trainers to the stars are incorporating these military workouts into their fitness regimes to get their clients into great shape.

In addition, Special Ops and Law enforcement agencies a round the world also use these fitness techniques.

Probably the best known complete workout program is TacFit Commando. No need for expensive gym fees, or the latest fitness gadgets. Proven exercises routines that get results, and leave you feeling fitter, and looking great.


Here is Scott Sonnon – the creator of TACFIT Commando introducing the system:

Jason Statham trained by ex Navy SEALWe have seen Military Workouts, and particular, Navy SEAL Workouts become popular as a fitness routines. The NAVY SEAL Workout works on a number of levels, from building core strength, increasing stamina, and burning fat to make you ultimately super fit. And the net result – a great, muscle toned look – popular with Hollywood film stars. Indeed, when male film stars have to get fit for an action part, then a Navy SEAL workout routine is often incorporated into their fitness regime. It gets results.

Jason Statham (The Transporter, The Expendables) was trained by ex-Navy SEAL Fitness Logan Hood.  The reason behind why men aspire to this look, and woman desire it, is that the look is not overly muscular. It is well proportioned and  defined…for a 43 year old man.  He looks like a man’s man.

Statham likes a beer and is not that bothered about what he eats, as he knows that the benefit of an all round fitness routine like a Navy SEAL Workout will burn those calories. Even as little as 35 mins a day can get dramatic results. It is all about putting in the work, and pushing one self hard. That is the NAVY Seal fitness way.

If you are new to exercise, then start with some basic military workout exercises. Over the weeks, as you become fitter and stronger – you can then start pushing yourself and introduce the dynamic, power of Navy SEAL training.

NAVY SEAL FitnessThey don’t come much fitter than a Navy SEAL, and that is all thanks to Navy SEAL Workouts. A Military Workout is a great way to get fit, and fitness boot camps are popping up everywhere. If you want to get that real lean, toned, muscle look then a Navy SEAL workout routine is perfect. I am not talking about over sized, bulked up muscle of a body builder, leave that to Muscle Mary’s and Mr Universe. Have you seen those guys run!!! No, I am talking about the fitness routine popular with Hollywood stars wanting to get that lean muscle look, build core strength and have all round fitness. Think Brad Pitt in Fight Club, or Matt Damon in The Bourne Trilogy.

Navy SEAL workouts build on basic military fitness routines, which combine strength building, stamina, and core fitness. a Navy SEAL has to be ready for all scenarios, and so having to much muscle bulk is not the answer. One has to have strength, and stamina – it is this fat burning and strength building that develops that lean, toned look.

The beauty of Navy SEAL Workouts is you don’t need any fancy equipment!

Check out some Navy SEAL training and workouts here:


The Navy SEALs workout will improve your speed & agility with any sport you’re playing.
No matter if you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior,
Take your workout to the next level.